Is your pump "dead"?  light bulb burned out?  heater broken? bad temperature sensor?


We go this!  Our backround comes from building swimming pools so we know what it takes to do the job because we know what is under the concrete, what is burried in the ground and what potential problems may arise.  At JD Pool Clean we can change a pump, replace a light bulb, install a swimming pool heater or heat pump, install controls for your iphone or android.  The possibilites are endless and we have the skill set and experience to dramatically change how you view your swimming pool.

Pool Inspections

professional inspections

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Pumps, filters, lights, and more

JD Pool Clean

pool repair Port st. lucie

We will fix all of your broken pool equipment the first time or your money back!


We specialize in fixing existing pool equipment where possible and allowable by law.  We promise to always have your best interest in mind when presenting options to repair or replace your pool equipment.  Our goal is to always be the one you can count on.  We are here for you!

Pool Repairs

fix broken pool equipment

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Are you buying a house?   Do you want to sell your house?  

We offer a  comprehensive inspection of your swimming pool.  We will inspect your pump, filter, valves, surface, controls, electrical wiring, tiles, deck, skimmer, plumbing, and the list goes on. We will look over the entire swimming pool and give you an honest unbiased view your swimming pool.  Don't buy a house with a broken pool.  Looks arent everything, there could be hidden problems that only a licensed contractor can spot.

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