JD Pool Clean

pool service & pool repair Port st. lucie

Swimming pool repair & Replacement

What we do

1) Pumps, motors, variable speed pumps, high efficiency pumps

2) Filters, cartridges

3) LED Pool lights, light bulbs, new light fixtures

4) Pool Controls, Iphone & Android pool controls

5) Replumb your pool equiptment for optimal flow

Monthly Swimming Pool Service

What's included

1) Brush Walls and waterline tiles

2) Skim Surface

3) Empty skimmer and pump baskets

4) vacuum swimming pool

5) Check and adjust chemicals

Services offered

1734 Sw Ocean Cove Ave. Port St. Lucie FL 34953 


Pool Heating

What we offer

1) Swimming pool heat pumps

2) Swimming pool gas heaters

3) We can put you in touch with a reputable solar heating company

Acid washing and stain removal

1) Drain and acid wash your swimming pool to remove scale and staining

2) We take hydrostatic pool poping seriously and take all the measures required to prevent pool popping.  We have special insurance just for pool popping so you can have piece of mind while work is being done.

Green Pool recovery

our process

1) Cover removal

2) vacuum out debris

3) chemical treatment

4) Filter water